Thursday, October 21


sometimes you think that you have found the solution to your problems and you think that you are doing it in the best interests of yourself and the people around you. but when someone else points out otherwise you start to realise that hmm maybe i'm not right after all. a dilemma strikes and i think i found the solution but a few lines from my teacher and they are simple lines that totally makes you doubt your earlier choice.

"You are more than able to carry on your training in the regular class.As the current beginner class need the full attention of their teacher,i am not going to approve your request.You are not thinking for the benefit of others or for the matter, your dojo."

Thank you teacher, you have made me really think about it this time.


Dear Osman,

You have already finish beginner class.
You are more than able to carry on your training in the regular class.

As the current beginner class need the full attention of their teacher,
i am not going to approve your request.

You are not thinking for the benefit of others or for the matter, your dojo.

Peter Ong


Dear Peter Sensei,
Hi Osman here. Its been two weeks since I've been to training due to my rushing through to complete my work as the exams are just round the corner. During that period of time, I've also feel guilty for neglecting my training. I've also spent the time reflecting on almost everything that is important to me and Kendo is definitely one of them.
After much thinking, I have decided that if it were possible for me to join the current beginner class once they are in their gi and hakama. This will allow me time to complete my work, still be able to spend ample time with my family and of course to not neglect the dojo. I hope that you would give your approval if I were to rejoin the beginner class. I personally feel that my kihon needs tonnes of work and with my two week absence it has probably not gotten any better. I also do not want to hold the senior class back because they have to explain or reteach some things that I have missed out.
I sincerely hope that you will grant my request as I think this is what I need to relook, relearn, and reexperience the beginning of the course so that I can truly improve my Kendo. Thank You.

Warmest Regards,

Friday, September 24


we went through an hour of testing. it was the test which would decide if we graduated on to the next class or if we were to repeat an entire new 6 months of the beginner course. our suburi, footwork, kiai, reiho and several basic waza were scrutinised and graded. at the end of the day everyone made it through. feedback was given by peter sensei on our areas which we needed to work on. we were relieved, the six months were not wasted. i am happy to move on but apart of me wished that we would be together a bit longer. we will be together for another two more training sessions before we are thrown into unfamiliar territory. we have to make real good use of the remaining two sessions that we have.

Wednesday, September 15


it gets harder harder as time progresses. kendo truly is a test of mental and physical endurance. tonight during training, was our first combined session with the seniors. it was a totally different experience as we wore our men all the way from the beginning of the training session till the end. at the same time we had a lot of gikeiko sessions with them. i had a session with one of the japanese sensei. it was truly a jaw dropping and humbling experience every time i went for a men. he would immediately take my kote followed by men. at one point i was so astounded at his speed that i was stunned and he took kote and men 3 times consecutively non stop. a truly humbling experience indeed.

Wednesday, September 1


with all that has been going on this past few days i have had no time to really write, think, and reflect about the training sessions for the past week. we are now at the critical period of our training. four more weeks before our test. whether we move on to the advance class or fail and repeat the beginners course again depends on our performance during the test. we have so many things to learn, so many waza, example men nuki do. with the asean championships coming up this weekend we will have no training this sunday. so a rest day on sunday, finally after so many weeks.

on a lighter note, we gave peter sensei a happy teachers day card today. he said that with his hard teaching style he wasn't expecting it. he appreciated our gesture but that doesn't mean that everyone automatically passes... we have to work hard for that.

Friday, August 20


i'm now facing a lot hurdles in my life. my grandmother recently had a fall. she is now bedridden and unable to walk. for the past few weeks i've been juggling work, kendo, family, and personal relationships 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. i have not had a decent breather ever since the family emergency. i try my best and in this trouble times i remember the basic principle of kendo, which is kiai. with an enormous spirit you are able to overcome any difficulty and clear all hurdles. it is true now what my sensei has said. you bring kendo outside of the dojo and make use of what you have gained in the dojo to assist you in troubled times.

Thursday, August 5


we have started wearing our bogu. usually before we asked to put on our men, we have to do some compulsory suburi. with the tare and do on, it is definitely not easy. with our men and kote on, we totally have to relearn and adapt on how to strike a simple men. at the end of the session i feel totally exhausted and fatigued. but the feeling of being able to withstand the hardship during the training at the end is totally tremendous. as for my condition, my left feet has been numb for the past week. i have a medical appointment with the hospital specialist next wednesday so i have to wait till then to find out what going on with me.

Monday, July 26

the feeling of sen is tremendous to be able to avoid men and then take kote. outstanding
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an unlikely shiai
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10th singapore east west kendo chanpionship
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my return to training has not been an easy one. i've lost the stamina that i had before the accident, my suburi is a total mess and i'm feeling the after effects of the accident every day. i'm physically slower, easily confused and light -headed frequently. i tried to keep up during last wednesday's training. despite the fact that it was easier, i was panting away. i need to get back into shape fast. maybe absolution is the key. during this sunday's east west tournament i totally disappointed myself and my team with my lacklustre suburi which was a random mess of poor coordination and bad tenouichi. i have to try harder.